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Graduate Profile

Bishop Blanchet graduates are empowered to live out the Gospel as socially responsible citizens committed to faith, scholarship and service.

Committed to Faith

  • Discovering a true sense of personal vocation by exploring God-given potential and expressing unique talents and gifts

  • Embodying the example of Jesus Christ and living out Catholic Social Teaching by employing empathy, finding dignity in all people, embracing diversity, understanding cultural uniqueness and fostering a true sense of community

  • Understanding the calling of Gospel values to go boldly forth into the world, seeking justice and relying upon faith as a guide for decision-making and action

Committed to Scholarship

  • Employing critical thinking, analysis of data and multiple perspectives to draw logical conclusions, make informed decisions and promote the greater good

  • Acting with honesty and integrity in collaboration with others and claiming accountability in all academic endeavors

  • Pursuing their greatest intellectual potential through open-minded exploration, engagement in academic challenges and self-advocacy

Committed to Service

  • Cultivating an awareness of personal responsibility and privilege in the pursuit of social justice

  • Living the virtues of mercy, charity and humility by acting beyond self-interest and in solidarity with others

  • Engaging in local, national, and global issues as a servant leader, utilizing unique gifts and talents to challenge injustice


choir performing at tmobile graduation